Vanessa Sandoval is a contemporary artist, born and raised in Chicago, who picked up a brush in 2016 and began painting galaxies. She wanted to start with expressing and displaying the beauty that life has to offer, and the significance of it. Stating 'How can you look at the galaxy and not feel insignificant?'
Her primary focus now is on painting cultural and meditative art pieces. In her most recent work, Vanessa pays homage to her Puerto Rican roots, integrating it with Chicago attractions/symbols.
NamArt Designs initially was created to share pieces that strike the viewer into a calming state, emanating ease within your mind, and moving it into a place of meditation. Now the goal is to combine both, cultural and meditative art pieces for the viewers to have at home.
I am now finally creating from a space of love , not need. It feels amazing💕



Are the Tostonera or Pilones good to use for cooking?
Yes! However since the wooden material is bamboo, I recommend to not let it sit in water for too long , just a quick rinse and immediately dry off with a dry cloth. Or to preserve artwork longer covering with aluminum foil prior to using and quick rinse with damp towel and set to dry.

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